Nubérica implements Veeva's
technology on the Life Science

We enjoy our profession, we enjoy technology and more than that
we enjoy helping our customers to achieve their goals

Nubérica implements
Veeva's technology on
the Life Science Industry

Whether you want to improve your commercial processes or efficiently manage your contents across your different departments, Nubérica is your best choice towards a successful Veeva implementation


A little bit about us…

Why we do what we do?

Some customers look just for subcontractors. Some others look for business partners. We work to serve the second type. Most of our competitors are concerned about their billing volume, their market share or their corporate image on the media. We just care about our customer’s satisfaction and the success of the projects we participate in.

We do what we do because we know differentiation can only be a result of commitment and the service quality delivered. Every day. And we feel proud of it.

How we do it?

We have been working in CRM projects for close to twenty years. We have learned a lot so far, and even knowing that there is a lot still to be learned, we recognize that some common consultancy practices work very well… and others don’t.

We changed the last ones in order to establish the conditions to ensure that our team owns the best specialized knowledge and professional experience, and that they can use the better tools to ensure the best quality service delivery.

So, what we do?

There are companies that provide a lot of diverse services. In our case, there are a lot of things that we don’t do. We don’t feel ashamed about it. Instead, we work hard to deliver excellence on the services that we provide.

Nubérica has an strategic partnership with Veeva Systems to offer specialized consulting services to implement their technologies on the life science industry, and that’s just what we do. Nothing less.

How can we help you?

Nubérica Listens

As a first step, we will listen to you, analyze your requirements and suggest the best, most cost-effective and less risky solution to get the most of your Veeva implementation.

Nubérica  Implements

Veeva will do most of what you need out of the box. However, you will most likely have some special requirements that need system configuration, migrating your data into it or even develop some specific functionalities on the platform!

We will implement your necessary changes alongside your organization.

Nubérica Integrates

Need to integrate Veeva CRM to your backoffice system or to a 3rd party data provider?

Nubérica’s consultants will be very happy to assist you and integrate your system with other applications.

Nubérica Trains

Veeva is easy and intuitive to use. Still. you may want to make sure your staff is brought up to speed as fast as possible.

We will be delighted to put our training experience at your disposal.

Nubérica Supports

As everything happens in the cloud, Veeva requires next to no maintenance on your part.

However, your business processes and requirements may change and may require small adaptations. If they cannot be implemented by your in-house staff, we will be very happy to help you!

− Our most recent project...

After successfully deploying Veeva CRM in more than 20 affiliates across EMEA and empowering its Sales Reps and KAMs, Astellas is benefiting from Veeva's multi-tenant SaaS architecture allowing for lower and more transparent costs than with the legacy solutions and adding great flexibility to include new features in the future

As part of the Veeva Team, Nubérica feels proud to be part of this success and to help Astellas achieving their goals.

− Nubérica, What are we working on...

Development and rollout of Veeva’s complete suite of commercial applications on a global pharmaceutical company

− Nubérica, What are we working on...

Development of a core Veeva CRM solution to rollout across EMEA affiliates


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