Cloud-based Software for the Global Live Sciences Industry.

Veeva CRM

More than just CRM, Veeva is the most advanced multichannel CRM solution for the Pharma sector

Veeva CRM has become the leading CRM reference in the Life Sciences and Animal Health industry. The complete suite brings prebuilt functionality for all user groups helping organizations focus on customers by managing them through different channels.

From advanced CRM functionality, built-in closed loop marketing (CLM), Approved Email capability and physician’s portals (Engage), Veeva CRM is more than just a CRM system. It’s a true end-to-end solution for improving customer centricity.

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Veeva on iPad (iRep) and on Windows 11

Mobile CRM + CLM + Approved Email on your favorite device.

Whether running from an iPad or from a Microsoft 11 tablet, Veeva’s mobile solutions have been designed to make Sales Reps’ lives easier.

Veeva iRep combines the power of Veeva CRM, Approved Email and best-in-class CLM in a single application, delivering a highly intuitive, seamless and dynamic user experience. Furthermore, Veeva iRep integrates with Veeva Vault PromoMats to ensure the right approved commercial content is always available.

The result is that end users will love using Veeva, IT will love supporting Veeva and your customers will love the more meaningful use of their time.

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Veeva Approved Email

Always the latest, approved content, regardless of when it’s viewed.

While email has fundamentally changed the customer engagement model in nearly every other industry, life sciences has historically been left on the sidelines because of the risks associated with sales reps emailing unapproved or off-label content. Not anymore!

With Approved Email, life sciences field representatives can finally benefit from the productivity gains of email – without the regulatory risk of traditional email. Approved Email enables users to quickly and compliantly email approved content to customers through Veeva iRep or Veeva CRM. No longer confined to only face-to-face meetings, Approved Email users can increase the number of customer interactions and make them more effective, too.

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Veeva Engage

A new interaction window for your customers.

In the last years the traditional approach where a Sales Rep visits the Physician is becoming more and more challenging.  It is very hard for physicians to find the right time to listen the representative’s product message, which often arrive while the physician is trying to provide patient care.

Increasing the multichannel capabilities that Veeva CRM already provides, Engage provides professionals with a new interactive platform to access digital content. Furthermore, its combination with Veeva’s global content management system (Vault), ensures HCPs always have convenient access to your latest approved material at anytime, anywhere and from any device.

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Veeva Network

A Complete Customer View Made Easy.

Compiling accurate customer master data has been a constant struggle for life sciences companies. While some have deployed costly and complex customer master data management systems, others make do with spreadsheets and manual processes that may put them at risk.

Veeva Network combines a comprehensive managed database of healthcare professionals (HCP), healthcare organizations (HCO) and affiliations, with a customer master application and data steward services. This turnkey solution allows life sciences companies of all sizes to finally have a reliable, complete customer view for multichannel sales, marketing and compliance.

Veeva Network is fully integrated with Veeva CRM, so critical customer information is always available to sales and marketing users when they need it most. Because Veeva Network is accessed via the cloud by all Veeva CRM customers worldwide, users benefit from the ‘network effect’ of life sciences companies electing to work together to contribute updates to a master data repository.

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Veeva Vault

Modern Content Management for today’s life sciences.

Veeva delivers regulated content management applications for every major part of a life sciences company, from R&D, to clinical trials, to quality and commercial services.

Pharma, biotech, and medical device companies are replacing their legacy systems with Veeva’s modern cloud computing applications. As it is built and delivered in the cloud, there is no software to install, hardware to maintain, or costly updates to deploy. Also, Veeva’s pace of innovation, which is only possible with a multi-tenant cloud architecture, means that Veeva Vault applications will stay modern and fast.

The results: happier users, dramatic process improvements, and reduced regulatory risk.

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